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The production of
protective packaging
begins in the head.

Since 1920, the Carl Bernh. Hoffmann family business has stood for innovative packaging. At our site in Wetter/Ruhr we develop and manufacture special solutions in which sophisticated products reach their destination safely. To achieve this, we use our acquired knowledge throughout the entire production process and many clever minds.

Precision in foam
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Efficient production
from start to finish


In the introductory consultation we compare customer tasks with our solution approaches.


In product development, we use the latest 2-D and 3-D software for design from packaging.


Many of the properties and performance parameters required in development can only be tested on a prototype.


During the packaging test and quality assurance, the behaviour of the protective packaging and the product is tested for a wide range of stresses.


In series production you also benefit from the know-how of a market-leading company for constructive packaging in Germany.


In international markets, the packaging of products is also increasingly demanded.


Our range of services also includes the storage of your products including the complete services.


It is part of the defined company policy of Carl Bernh. Verpackungen to avoid environmental pollution of any kind in all phases of product development.

When technology works as precisely as the mind, outstanding solutions for innovative products are created. Because special products are worthy of protective packaging from Hoffmann. Because others have put all their passion into product development, we must give our best for the packaging. Our experience from thousands of packagings has taught us that every product has unique demands on the packaging, which must be mastered. We take on these challenges every day. Every project has its own story. With our developments we write a happy end to each of these stories.

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This group
provides security

Like the packaging to the product. Tailor-made solutions for packaging are created under the umbrella of the owner-managed, independent Hoffmann Verpackung Group. This makes our development and production site in Wetter/Ruhr part of the leading supplier of protective and transport packaging.
This backing gives us the drive to act quickly and flexibly.
Our standard range includes more than 5,000 packaging solutions in Germany and Switzerland.

Prototype production
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All that

No material is too unusual for us if it protects products. That’s why we use a wide range of raw materials such as foams, corrugated board and many other materials. We know the strengths and limitations of each material because we test them thoroughly. This is how we discover new possibilities and grow with them.


Our circulation

We invest a lot of energy in the topic of sustainability. In production, corrugated board and paper that cannot be processed or reprocessed are returned to the material cycle. As part of our recycling management, we granulate foam residues and send them back to the supplier for further processing, thus closing the cycle. In the respectful handling of packaging materials, energy and means of production, we meet our responsibility towards the resources used. This is what the heart of our company beats for.

Recycling plant
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Up-and-coming talent sought
for high standards

What we do is demanding and challenging, but always exciting and inspiring. Diverse tasks require a wide range of qualifications. Carl Bernh. Hoffmann GmbH sees every employee as a starting point outstanding Services. That is why we consider qualifications and individual advancement to be the basis for further increasing all company performances. For this we need the best.

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