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Constructive packaging 1

01 Constructive packaging

Protect products and product groups specifically

Constructive packaging is precisely fitting transport packaging with a specific protective function for a product or product group. This is often packaging for technical equipment and protective inner packaging made of foam which can be inserted into a cardboard box.

Constructive packaging
Constructive packaging 2

In the manufacture of constructive packaging, the focus is on cost-effective production (by avoiding superfluous production processes) and the optimal use of materials. This packaging can be expandable and foldable. They are also characterised by low transport and storage volumes.

When selecting materials, the focus is on economy and environmental protection. Modern materials such as PE foams ensure a reduction in transport weights. Equally practical: packaging can often be used for an entire series of equipment, filling pieces are interchangeable and frames are expandable.

For better handling characteristics, we reduce the number of individual parts (per packaging set) and avoid folding and plugging processes whenever possible.

The range of innovative constructive packaging

Punching, milling, plotting, cutting or splitting – we offer a wide range of product solutions – tailored to your requirements:

  • Upper and lower padding for extremely high requirements
  • Page frame
  • Headrest cushion
  • Die-cut packaging solutions with flap stays
  • Collapsible packaging or large-volume packaging solutions
  • Combined packaging (packaging made of different materials)
  • Wooden packaging with inner foam padding and for example drive-on ramp for a large device
  • Innovative constructions from different TechnoFoam® grades and densities
  • Antistatic packaging made of TechnoFoam®
  • Constructions made of 100% recycled PE foam
  • Combination packaging made of TechnoFoam®, corrugated board and hollow chamber multiwall sheets
Packaging parts
  • Standard upholstery corners and edge padding
  • Snap frames
  • Zig-Zag Frame
  • Toothed strips
  • Frame with flexibility in two dimensions
  • Head padding with sturdy corrugated cardboard accessory compartments
  • Frame with fold-out grooves
Special solutions from corrugated board
  • Antistatic, shielding and conductive corrugated cardboard packaging
  • Honeycomb cardboard in various processing steps (punched or partially pressed deeper)
Special solutions
  • Automotive Components
  • Packaging for medical devices
  • Electronic components
  • Optical devices, and much more