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Special packaging

We develop individual special packaging with the know-how of the market leading company for constructive packaging in Germany. Our customers benefit from a comprehensive range of services: consulting, development, testing and production ─ all from one source.

In order to always offer the best solutions for the highest customer requirements, we operate our own research and development department, a packaging laboratory and experienced sample production. This results in tailor-made solutions using patented components that include both main units and unit variants and all accessories. The main focus is always on a cost-efficient solution and space-saving design.


Protect products and product groups specifically

Constructive packaging

Many terms for the same thing. Constructive packaging or constructive packaging is precisely fitting transport packaging with one or more specific protective functions for a product or product group. These are often packaging for technical equipment and protective inner packaging made of foam which can be inserted into a cardboard box.

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Sorted packaging

Compartments / Trays / Container

We also develop and manufacture accessory compartments made of corrugated board, hollow chamber web panels and PE foam. Trays made of e.g. corrugated board are sustainable and stable die-cut packaging with excellent properties for transport and presentation of goods. Trays are suitable for manual, semi-automated and automated packaging lines. The height of these products can be adjusted as required.

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Safe separation

Insertions / Receptions

Compartments and web inserts made of e.g. hollow chamber web plates are used for the safe separation of components in a larger outer packaging. The subdivision into individual compartments, receptacles and inserts makes the products available in a sorted and clearly arranged manner and simplifies checks. At the same time, the separation prevents the components from colliding with each other and ensures safe transport.

Products 2


Load securing in the best hands

Load carrier

During transport, the securing of load and loading units for containers, road goods and export packaging is of great importance. That is why we not only develop protective packaging, but also solutions for the proper securing of loads and loading units and test them according to applicable standards.