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Compartments/trays/containers 1

02 Compartments / trays / containers

Sorted packaging

We develop and manufacture compartments made of corrugated board, hollow chamber web panels and PE foam. Trays are sustainable and stable packaging with excellent properties for transport and product presentation. They are suitable for manual, semi-automated and fully automated packaging lines. They can be adjusted in height as required.

Corrugated board
Compartments/trays/containers 2

Depending on the intended use, flat trays, trays with stacking rim, L-trays or other shapes are used. Typical compartments, trays and containers are:

  • Packaging made of PP twin-wall sheets
  • Box with attached inner construction of micro-corrugated cardboard
  • Accessories compartment
  • Fibre castings
  • Moulded foam parts made of EPP, EPE and EPS
  • Case inserts