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Insertions/Receptions 1

03 Insertions / Receptions

Safe separation

Compartments and web inserts made of e.g. hollow chamber web plates are used for the safe separation of components in a larger outer packaging.
The subdivision into individual compartments, receptacles and inserts makes the products available in a sorted and clearly arranged manner and simplifies checks. At the same time, the separation prevents the components from colliding with each other and ensures safe transport.

Insertions/Receptions 2

Compared to corrugated and solid board or PE foam, compartments and inserts made of hollow chamber web panels are low-dust, abrasion-resistant and resistant to oils, greases and solvents.

We develop inlays individually for your product using a wide variety of manufacturing processes in small or large quantities. To ensure that your product arrives safely at your end customer, we will find the best solution using the aforementioned materials.