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Corporate policy 1

Corporate policy

Values that determine our actions

The primary objective of Carl Bernh. Hoffmann GmbH is to offer customers only goods and services that meet their requirements and are of high quality. Realization and maintenance of this claim are the essential basis for the long-term success of the company and the constantly growing satisfaction of our customers. Carl Bernh. Hoffmann GmbH is a medium-sized family business which combines tradition and progress.


Carl Bernh. Hoffmann GmbH

Tradition and progress in corporate policy

Traditional values such as reliability, fairness, responsibility and compliance with applicable legal standards are an integral part of our corporate culture and a matter of course.

Customer satisfaction results from the compliance with prescribed or made agreements regarding safety, quality and condition of our goods. In doing so, we strive to always act fairly, honestly and openly in the interest of the customer. Our customers are our partners, who decide on the success of the company. We want to recognise the wishes and future tasks of our customers at an early stage and solve them reliably.

We cultivate long-term and cooperative relationships with our suppliers, as they are an important component of our products and services.

In order to ensure the consistently high quality of our products and services, all employees of Carl Bernh. Hoffmann GmbH strive to work with the highest quality awareness every day. The qualification and motivation of all employees is a fundamental prerequisite for the success of our company. It is therefore important to inform our employees and to support them with the necessary knowledge and skills through training.

We undertake to comply with all applicable legal norms and other necessary requirements and to protect the environment. We try to avoid environmental pollution of any kind in all phases of product development.

All processes of Carl Bernh. Hoffmann GmbH are subject to a continuous and sustainable improvement process.

Our company policy is determined by the management. The expediency and appropriateness are reviewed annually and adjusted if necessary.

The management system receives full support and encouragement from the management. Necessary information and resources are provided as needed.