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Load carrier 1

04 Load Carrier

Load securing in the best hands

During transport, the securing of load and loading units for containers, road goods and export packaging is of great importance. That is why we not only develop protective packaging, but also solutions for the proper securing of loads and loading units and test them according to applicable standards.

Load carrier
Load carrier 2

The load is exposed to various dangers:

  • Physical forces due to transport movements (braking, acceleration, steering and handling operations during loading and unloading of the load)
  • Additional force effect of the structure composed of a wide variety of packings
  • Effect of force by the load securing equipment (lashing devices, safety nets or similar)
  • Moisture due to temperature fluctuations during transport
  • Rolling movements of the vessel

Well planned and implemented load carriers help to protect road users and transport workers. There are legal regulations for safe transport protection. In case of violations or in the event of damage, fines and imprisonment, fines and points in the Flensburg traffic file, the prohibition of further travel or the immobilisation of the transport vehicle may be imposed.

In order to avoid these consequences, depending on the application, special securing means are used, which you will find in our standard range:

  • Stowage bags/padding
  • stretch film
  • Edge protection corners
  • Non-slip paper
  • Cover sheeting
  • Strapping

As training measures for our customers, we conduct practical seminars on load securing. VDI-certified seminar instructors convey the most important information on the theory and practice of proper load securing at our location in Kaarst. The final material examination and qualification for testing the correct load securing, including a certificate of participation and training documents, round off the service.