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Packaging test 1

04 Packaging inspection / Quality assurance

Ensure quality

During packaging testing and quality assurance, the behaviour of the protective packaging and the product is tested for a wide range of stresses. Among other things, packaging functions are taken into account in the safety measures

  • Function of the materials used
  • Sufficient protection
  • Environmental and use function
  • Handling function during the packing process
  • Identification and information function
Quality Control
Packaging test 2

Transport loads

This includes the testing of mechanical, climatic, chemical, biological and other stresses in an external laboratory which may occur during transport.

Possible tests using the example of mechanical loads:

  • Sensitivity to shock (electrical engineering, optics, precision mechanics, fine ceramics, …)
  • Vibration sensitivity (electrical equipment, assemblies, calibrated equipment, …)
  • Compression load capacity / pressure sensitivity (devices and assemblies without housing, …)
  • Bending / torsion sensitivity (pressure plates, assemblies, precision mechanics …)
  • Sensitivity to abrasion (electrical devices, device housings, furniture, …)